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Cake, Filling and Frosting Ideas

Cake Options

Chocolate Deep dark chocolate cake; very moist.
Chiffon cake Very moist yellow cake. Extremely versatile; can be flavored many different ways.
White Cake Made with the egg white only, gives the cake it’s white color.
Carrot cake Very moist. Can be made with or without nuts, raisins, or coconut.
Poppyseed Sour cream and lemon zest give this a moist crumb
Lemon or Orange Pound Cake
Flourless Chocolate Tortes
Single layer, very rich confections, finished in whipped cream and/or ganache.
* Cheesecake
Varieties are limitless
* Tirimisu Italian sponge cakes soaked in espresso/rum, layered & finished with whipped cream/mascarpone filling & bittersweet chocolate. Also available with raspberry/mascarpone/chocolate filling.
* Individual Desserts & Dessert Buffets Many varieties to choose from. Prices vary. Please ask. Ideas include, cream puffs, tarts/tartlets,
cake-rolls, pies, petite-fours, miniature cookies, pastries, brownies, specialty cakes, etc.

*These varieties are more costly. Please ask for individual quote.

Filling Options

Whipped cream May be flavored any number of ways; vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, liquor enhanced, mocha
Custard May be flavored any way that one desires,
Fresh Lemon or Lime Curd Tangy and not too sweet. Many times it is paired with fresh fruit.
Fresh fruit in season Choose your favorite or ask for assistance.
Fresh Fruit Fillings
Made with local organic fruit as available.
Mousse Many flavors are available. Please inquire.
Whipped Ganache Very rich, silky, chocolate filling.


Bittersweet Chocolate This can be used on the inside of the cake and covered in a light frosting or on the outside…anything goes!
Swiss Meringue Buttercream Any flavor
Whipped Cream Any flavor
Cream Cheese Tastes like cheesecake
Ganache Melted chocolate and whipped cream (either dark, milk or white)
* White Chocolate modeling dough gives the cake a smooth look. I prefer this to fondant, which is truly inedible.

Due to the recent increase in fuel prices, I must charge for delivery. set up & retrieval of the equipment. This charge varies on distance so please ask.

All ingredients used in my desserts are top notch! I use pure Tahitian Vanilla, organic flour, additive free milk & cream, the finest local chocolates, plus everything is made the day before the wedding. I do not freeze anything nor do I take multiple orders for any day. All desserts are custom, made to order. The base price for my cakes is currently $8.00/ a very generous serving. This is the average price per serving of most of the cakes I design. The per-piece price includes the top piece (anniversary cake) which is not calculated into the number of servings. It is my gift to you.
Designs that require special equipment, set-up, expensive ingredients, will cost more. Extra charges are based on the complexity of the design and cost of ingredients. Below is a list of some these charges. If you have a particular design in mind, please check with me for a firm price.
I require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the cost of your cake to hold the date, unless other arrangements are made with me at the time of the booking. In addition, I will require a refundable deposit on the equipment used for your cake. The amount of the deposit will be determined by the type and quantity of the equipment pieces that I leave in your care. The deposit will be held until after the wedding. If all of the equipment is returned to me in a timely fashion and in good condition, I will immediately return your deposit.

Cake covered in white chocolate modeling dough $1.50 and up/serving based on size of cake
Extra white chocolate swags, flowers, decorations $1.25 to and up/serving based on quantity & complexity of design
Tirimisu and Cheesecake $1.50 and up/serving depending on flavor.
* Individual Desserts & Dessert Buffets based on choice and quantity of desserts. Please ask for quote.
Special set-up/design based on the cost of materials
Cakes infused with liquor $.50/serving
More than 2 varieties of cakes/fillings $.75 to $3.00/serving based on how many varieties desired
Fresh fruit cascades $1/serving

Please contact me with any questions. I am very flexible and willing to work with couples on tight budgets, but please keep in mind, that the escalating costs of utilities & ingredients have made it difficult to do much in the way of discounts. I hope that I may be of service to you.

Sharon Garner