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In addition to their many other talents, Sharon and Stephen Garner are both fine artisits. Sharon specializes in photography and Stephen, watercolor. Both are influenced by the enviroment in which their live; the beautiful Mendocino Coast.
Whether your interest is in flowers, landscape or collage there is much to explore in the many galleries provided for you. We invite you to take the time to enjoy a look at our work and to join us at our upcoming shows!

fine art
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"Red Wild Columbine"
was chosen for the "It's Photography III" National Photography contest
as well as the "Women's National Caucus Art Exhibit" in Arlington, Texas!

"Last Breath"
was chosen for the "Out of the Box" art exhibit at the Gualala Art Center in Gualala, CA

Online Galleries

"Flowers & Landscapes of the Mendocino Coast"

"All You Need is Love" • Husband & Wife show Mendocino Art Center show September 2006

Sharon Garner Spring 2006 Mendocino wildflowers

Sharon Garner October 2005 show Elk Studio gallery

Stephen Garner Watercolors


Artists' Collective in Elk
6031 South Highway One • Elk, CA 95432
707 877-1128

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